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new to vaping? new to the community?

well, there’s a few pages here that can help you.

scroll over “what is vaping” to see two more tabs for “what device would you recommend?” and “intro videos” by me, that explain all the basics of getting started.

then, check out “vape links” to find quality vendors.

Keep an eye on “vape deals and updates” for latest coupons, specials, and product announcements from vendors.

for my personal vaping updates and news, and relevant articles i may find, click on “news”.

Which event am I at? Check the “WanderFlitz” page for updates from the road!

AND THEN….check out the rest of the site for more random drivel, but don’t forget to check out VapeTV. all of my shows that i remember to record are under my page, Flitzanu Narcissus.

my contact info is in “about me” so feel free to drop a line if you need assistance with the site or vaping questions. also “contact info” contains two pages for contact info for community members, and also for vendors that have opted to share their info here.

under “twittervape” you will find pages containing Twitter feeds listing “vapeporn”, or images users have tweeted containing images of their vaping devices; “vape deals” will contain the latest tweets with stock updates and specials from vendors, and “vaping, bans, news…” is a twitter feed of current articles pertaining to the industry (as caught by the lovely @treecevapes)

the “DIY E-juice mixing” contains pages and information for mixing and supplies to create your own flavors.

Vape or Die,


6 Responses to Help!!!

  1. Bug says:

    great content, sir. I send new and curious folks over here all the time. ALSO! Twitter sign in is go.

  2. Twitter sign in worked like a dream Flitzy:)

  3. Guy Rosso says:

    This is One of Those Awesome sites that every vaper should be aware of.Thank U Flitzy For all the “obvious” hard work +)

  4. Jimmy Jaymes says:

    Headed to the DIY section now.

  5. Heya Flitz, I hope you are doing ok! Thanks for all the vape info, it has helped immensely!

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