Welcome, welcome, to Vaping with Glitzy Flitzy.  Hopefully this will soon be filled with lovely vaping information.


Vape or Die.



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9 Responses to OHAI!!!11

  1. Ofortuna says:

    Hiya Glitzy Flitzy!! 🙂 Vape on!! *mwah*

  2. Looking good around here. thanks for having us here 🙂

  3. BlacksmithPro says:

    Vaping? Oooooooooh Yes Sir! 🙂

  4. Barimore says:

    fuckin vape or die!! FLITZ! you’re the man!

  5. Bug says:

    What?!? Another way to see the awesomeness that IS the Glitzy Flitzy!? Fan-fucking-tastic!

  6. April says:

    Um, Hi. I have a Blucig and it’s not working. Can you tell me how to make it smoke more?



    I look forward to reading what Glitzy Flitzy has to say about vaping.


  7. GiMante says:

    Looking good shmexy!

  8. Sgt.Taz says:

    Nice job Flitz! love the site

  9. thevapeonator says:

    Nice job Flitzonator. This ROCKZZZ. 8D You have done a fine job !!! I have a feeling this is going to be a happening place, knowing how this community is. My hats off to you. I like your ending….. FUCKERS……. LMFAO Later Flitzonator

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