Kissing a Vaper?

Has vaping offered any benefits to your personal relationships? No more smoke breath or stinky clothes…has this made you more appealing to others?

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2 Responses to Kissing a Vaper?

  1. Bug says:

    Yes and yes. In my marriage it’s made snuggling much easier. Plus, he quit snoring. In the everyday I can flirt with a good % more people without worrying that I stink. Also, it makes for an interesting innuendo. “Let me wipe my drip tip first”

  2. I can say for sure that my fiancée is much happier that I don’t run off to the basement every hour or so for a cigarette, and that the basement, car, me and all my clothes don’t stink. I also have more energy, so…well, read into that what you will. 😉

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