USB Passthru?

Do you use a USB Passthru ecig/mod? What is your favorite, and from where?

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3 Responses to USB Passthru?

  1. K2 Kevin says:

    No longer use a passthru. The word Passthru bothers me. Since many/most “Passthru’s” are just simply batteries being charged via. USB, and are not truly passing any voltage thru (So to speak). 🙂

    Its like running a UPS on our computer.

    • Yeah, I briefly had one of those eGo-style ones, and it sucked. Plus, the center post was the biggest pain in the ass. On an occasion that it worked without any fiddling, it was just OK, but that was very rare. I ended up returning it. I did like the idea that I could use a PV while charging it, but it wasn’t worth the effort to make it work.

  2. I got a cheap one from Madvapes a while back. Looks like a standard slim 510 with a cable running into it (I’m sure that’s exactly what it is, actually). Not the kind that charges a battery. It’s pretty good on the wall adapter, sucks on a USB port. It’s nice to have a device around that I know doesn’t need a charge or anything, and it rocks 2-ohm DCs like a champ. It got me interested in 5v vaping, which ultimately led to me getting a ProVari. But since I got the ProVari, I don’t use it much anymore.

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