Vape Convention Experiences?

so, the weekend has ended, and there were more than a few vaping conventions across the US, and many people visited one for the first time.  So my question is, what was your experience like, and what would you have liked to see done differently?

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4 Responses to Vape Convention Experiences?

  1. Chris says:

    Would have liked to see you there! Wish we could of had more space which would have given us more room for vendors. Next year we will #VapeBash!!!

  2. VapeBash was my first meet of any kind. Unfortunately, I’m kind of socially awkward when I don’t know anyone in the room, and it took longer for me to relax than I would have liked. As a result, I didn’t get a chance to properly meet a lot of the VapeTV folks I’d hoped to. The sheer number of people that eventually showed up was overwhelming.

    I did have a great time overall, though. I had the pleasure of shaking hands with a number of people I have a lot of respect for. I tried lots of new juice and hardware. I inadvertently started a mod collection. It was awesome that there was a bar & grill around the corner that allowed us to vape (plus, the beer was great and the food was better)!

    I wouldn’t change a thing about the way the event was run. WCVC did an excellent job organizing everything. I thought that making it a free event was brilliant; anyone walking by who had the time could sign in and look around…what a great way to get introduced to vaping! The event room was directly across the hall from the elevators, so tons of people saw it and were curious about it.

  3. XDoctor says:

    It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed VapeBash more than I enjoyed Vapercon. I would have liked to have seen more people there, especially you Flitz. Ah well, there’s always VC2.

  4. Chad Marcum says:

    It was my first meet…and after only knowing people from VapeTV I was totally welcomed in and had a great time…there really is a sense of family…I wish you could have came Flitz..but I’ll see you at VC2!

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