YouTube Favorites?

I realized the other night, watching VapeTV, that with all the thousands of YouTube reviews on Vaping, it can be harder to sift through who is good (or great), and who is just terrible.

So on that notion, I’m going to add a YouTube page for suggested reviewers that should be featured, in order to help out newer users looking for good information.

Aside from myself, obviously, who out there should get a link to their channel for my new section?

As always, please leave comments on the actual website, please, so I can keep track of them.

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3 Responses to YouTube Favorites?

  1. bigrob says:

    As a vaping noob, i have spent hours sorting through the youtube videos available. My personal opinion is that there are too many people posting ‘first impression’ videos and labeling them reviews. I know its nice to get a new toy, take it out of the box, and show it off to the world, but as someone interested in investing in my foreseeable vaping future, id rather know if its going to last, if the performance stays consistent, and it its easy to use every day, not if you can blow a dragon plume of vapor right out of the box. Just my 2 cents.

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