Tanks – SCT or DCT?

Tank users, this is for you.

Do you prefer using a single coil carto in your tank (what ohm and voltage), or a dual coil carto in your tank (ohm, voltage)?

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5 Responses to Tanks – SCT or DCT?

  1. KEITH EVANS says:

    I prefer a single coil 3ohm Boge at 5.5V on My Provari.

  2. Well… You’re prolly not gonna like this answer but I use both. I normally always use the lowest ohm-age I can find but as far as single or dual I don’t see a huge difference. I lean to DCT simply cause they hold more juice.

  3. a lot of times i think the dct’s get too hot, give me undesired taste. i stick to sct’s sometimes i give the dual coils a try though, when they have ‘new’ designs. always willing to give them another try, the idea is awesome, just haven’t been done right yet if you ask me

  4. usually i go as low as i can with ohm

  5. Matthew Gray says:

    I personally prefer SCTs. 2Ω at 4.7v if its new, if its an older carto, generally around 4.2v. or a 3Ω at 4.7v-5v depending on the juice.

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