Muted illness symptoms since vaping?

I’ve touched on this before, but hey, everyone seems to be sick RIGHT NOW.

Interesting question, vapers. I used to get sick often, mainly allergy and temp related (oklahoma is a rather fickle climate) but since i’ve been vaping, i RARELY get sick now.

Of course, PG is a known germ killer, and anecdotally i attribute my better health as likely related to vaping PG. However, about once a year i catch sickness, but with weird symptoms. I’m curious if others have noticed a difference in symptoms or illness since vaping.

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  1. confettifoot says:

    H’lo, I just wafted over here from the Ahlusion site.
    And ya – I rarely talk about this one as “cure for the common cold” sounds over the top. But I’ve been vaping or 3 years now and – this is true – have not sustained a cold for more than a few hours or suffered the usual bugs during the entire time. I did get a really harsh stomach bug once, and that’s it. Seriously – I just don’t get sick any more. Prior to vaping I was UNUSUALLY vulnerable to bronchitis, head colds, chest colds, sore throats and the usual array of contagious maladies. I’ve actually forgotten what they feel like.

    I chainsmoked (insanely, for decades), and I chain-vape. PG’s an anti-bacterial of course and I really can’t find any other variable to explain this. It’s an amazing perc.
    I’m aubergine in ECF and elsewhere, nice to find yer blog.

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