barrel juice?

so there’s a new thing about ejuice made and steeped in wooden barrels. what are your thoughts? again, please log into the website blog to leave your comments.

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One Response to barrel juice?

  1. Jay Dee says:

    Kind of mixed feelings about this. Kind of a risk-to-benefit thing.

    I can see where if barrels are being re-used after initially being used for a good named scotch or whiskey there would be some good flavoring added to the e-juice this way. If they are not seasoned barrels, why would you want this?

    Guess my biggest concern would be whether the wood would be a good vessel to keep the juice in for any length of time. Alchoholic beverages would keep the little bacteria(s) at bay, but e-juice? Just dunno.

    I also think the human digestive system can handle more bacteria than, well, breathing it into your lungs. I could be wrong. I am no doctor, after all…*shrug*


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