favorite mechanical mod?

it’s been a while since i’ve posed a question…so without further adieu…

what is your favorite mechanical ecig/mod/device, and why?

as always, remember to log in to the site and leave your answer in the comments.

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One Response to favorite mechanical mod?

  1. Jay Dee says:

    Sigelei 19B (modded/reworked switch) with a v5 (I think) 3-hole phoenix dripper, dual-coils measuring at .8 ohms. Also using the doo-hickey (forgot who makes it) that let’s you connect the atty directly to the battery so no loss going through a 510 connector. And a fuse device, of course! This is my go-to home device, since I don’t want to drip at work…

    Absolute CLOUDS and hits HARD! Goes through alot of juice, though…

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