Would you like to share your personal story of your adventures in vaping and/or giving up tobacco cigarettes? There is so much positivity in our community, and the world needs to hear YOUR story. No stories are too small or insignificant, and your words may just save someone’s life (or at least their health).

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  1. Valerie says:

    I smoked 3 packs a day. Wound up buying a Red Dragon kit, assuming that it would be something to laugh at. Turns out? Quit smoking within a week of getting it!

    Oh, and after I switched to vaping, I started going to meets and I met this skinny dude from Oklahoma that wears banana pants and leisure suits. He liquors everyone up. Total creeper. Beware.

  2. Jim Adams says:

    Here is my story: About 6 years ago I first tried to quit smoking. Did the patch route. Yeah… that went ok til I got to the 2mg patch. Became irritable, grouchy, and so stressed at work that I would bum a smoke from other co workers. Bought a pack and picked up right where I left off. Over the course of two years I tried 3 other times with the same results. In 2010 I started seeing expensive knock offs at the mall, but $200 was way out of my price range. Then in 2011 QuickTrip started carrying a kit that was a single batt, charger and 5 cartridges for $20 bucks. Thought I would give it a try. Found out I liked it, so bought a 2nd kit and on July 29th at 8:05 am I smoked my last cigarette. That first day was rough, really rough. I wanted a smoke so bad and at first I couldn’t understand why. That was when I realized I was addicted to more than just the nicotine. Well, I got so pissed off that I knew this was the turning point.

    I went the same route many beginners take. I used that cheap ecig for about 3-4 weeks until I wanted a lower strength. Unfortunately QT only carried the 16mg carts. That was when I found Vapor Kings. Ended up picking a Joyetech 510 kit. Then I got the small tank system for the 510. I skipped the ego stage and picked up a SmokTech 14650 E-power mod and that was the start of my mods. So far I’ve used the Jasper & Jasper (cheapy from QT), Joyetech 510, Smoktech E-power, Altsmoke Silver Bullet. Provapes Provari, Joyetech 18650 EGO mod, and now a K101. I’ve used everything from atty/carts, carto’s, dc carto tanks, Vivi Nova’s, Kanger MT3, Kanger Pro Tank and now using RBA’s. I still use my provari with dc carto tanks but now use my K101 with my aga T2 at home. I’ve come a long way, but so has this industry. And to date: Still have not had a regular smoke since that morning of July 29th, 2011!

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