What First Kit Would You Recommend??

Please offer your advice to a brand new user as to what kit you would first recommend they purchase.

5 Responses to What First Kit Would You Recommend??

  1. catfisher74 says:

    First time user EGo is the way to go.Get use to it know what juices you like and then get a Mod like the Silver Bullet.

  2. Jollyriffic says:

    for a first time user i would say go cheap and just get a ego usb battery and once atty. find a sample pack of juice from a site that doesnt do dnky juice (dekang) and then give it a shot. you will spend maybe 30-40 max depending on the sample pack amount.
    provided you like it go on with getting more stuff. remember to have backups, backups, backups..

  3. ahlusion says:

    For a “standard” “commercial” kit, I would probably recommend the eGo as well; if price is an issue I would probably recommend kalamzaoovaporshop.com’s Jambox(3.7v) or the Big Kazoo (5v).

    Turning it up a notch, also from KVS – the Triple V 3.7 and regulated 5v’s are excellent choices at around $75. Hard to beat!

  4. plaxy says:

    EGo is certainly the way to go TW and others have them for decent prices make sure you get 2 batteries 2 atties and juice I probably suggest the tank variant as it has the least need to fiddle around with.

  5. Sgt.Taz says:

    Depending on their goal I’d agree about going eGo-T and have backups.( 2 Batts and 2 Atties) But if your concerned about size staring out and want something a little more discrete and more like an analogue I’d say the 510-T in manual. The auto batts don’t work well for your normal smoker IMO and keep in mind you’ll wind up going to the eGo anyway or a mod of some sort in the near future and staying in the 510 will allow you to use your previous purchased equipment with the upgrades.

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